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Parkinson’s Victoria Recognition Awards

Aug. 18, 2015

Each year Parkinson’s Victoria recognises the significant contribution members of the community make in supporting people living with Parkinson’s and their families. Our annual awards program recognises the services of both individuals and groups for their contribution to activities, years of services and outstanding commitment to the Parkinson’s community.

If you would like to see someone or a group acknowledged for their service to your local community or the wider Parkinson’s community, why not nominate them for one of the Parkinson’s Victoria Recognition Awards? It may be a support group leader, local business supporter, a health care professional or anyone who has shown outstanding support. 

The following awards are open to nominations from all members of the community, not only members of Parkinson’s Victoria:

Awards and criteria

Sir Zelman Cowen Award: This award, the highest honour available, is presented annually to an individual, recognising their outstanding service to Parkinson’s Victoria and services to people living with Parkinson’s. Sir Zelman Cowen generously gave permission for the award to be in his name, which is most appropriate, recognising his own outstanding community service to all Australians, and his personal journey with Parkinson’s.

Honorary Life Membership: Recognises outstanding service, normally over a period of at least 15 years.

Five and Ten Year Services Awards: Recognises the continuous service of volunteers in an administrative, project or service capacity.

Certificate of Appreciation: Recognises the contribution of an individual or an organisation to an event or activity.

Calling for nominations 

Board Members, Presidents, Boards and CEO’s of other organisations, members and the community are entitled to nominate suitable candidates for the following awards:

Nominations for the Sir Zelman Cowen Award should include full written details of an individual, recognising their outstanding service to Parkinson’s Victoria and services to people living with Parkinson’s. Giving reasons for this nomination may include referees, and or supporting documentation.

Nominations for Honorary Life Membership should include full written details of an individual, including their service to the Parkinson’s community over a period of at least 15 years.

Nominations for the Five and Ten Year Services Awards should include written details outlining the continuous service of a volunteer in an administrative, project or service capacity.

Nominations for Certificates of Appreciation should include written details of the contribution of an individual or organisation to an event or activity.

Nominations for the awards close on 15 September, 2015 and should be addressed to: The Board of Parkinson’s Victoria c/o or to PO Box 2606, Cheltenham, VIC 3192.

All nominations also require you to fill out a Nomination Form

Assessment of nominations

Nominations will be considered and assessed by the Board of Parkinson’s Victoria. If no suitable nominations are received, no award is given. Note: Board members of Parkinson’s Victoria are not entitled to receive these awards.

Presentation of the awards

The award will be presented to the 2015 recipients by, or in the name of, the President of Parkinson’s Victoria at the Annual General Meeting to be held in November, 2015.


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