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May. 09, 2018

Twice a year we reach out to ask for support on behalf of the 27,000 Victorians living with Parkinson’s and the thousands more who receive a diagnosis each year.

In 2012, Lionel went to see his neurologist on an unrelated matter. He thought he’d mention the minor shaking in his right arm. “I got as far as ‘do you think this is related to –' and the neurologist looked at my face and said, ‘you’ve got Parkinson’s.’”

It was a diagnosis so stark, so confronting that Lionel and his wife, Maria, “went into shock. We were in denial for a long, long time. Everything we would pick up and read would be so depressing. We were normal people once, we had a normal life. We were so flat and depressed, we didn’t know what to do or where to turn.”

Eventually they took the step of getting in touch with Parkinson’s Victoria.

Lionel and Maria have benefited from the wide range of support offered by Parkinson’s Victoria, support our community needs and deserves, from seminars to tailored expert advice from our Health Information Service, one-on-one phone and face-to-face support. In fact, our Health Team assists over 3,600 people living with Parkinson’s and their families every year!

Your donation in support of the Parkinson's community of Victoria will enable us to continue to provide support for people like Lionel and Maria.

Where your donation goes

How to donate

Click here to donate securely now to our Winter Appeal or call Parkinson’s Victoria on 03 8809 0400 with your credit card handy.

Alternatively, you can mail a cheque or money order to us at:

Parkinson’s Victoria
PO Box 239
Surrey Hills, VIC 3127

On behalf of the Parkinson's community of Victoria, we would like to thank you for your generous support.


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