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Engage with medical researchers through Consumer Buddy Program

Sep. 25, 2019

The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute is seeking people impacted by Parkinson's to share experiences and knowledge with scientists through its Consumer Buddy Program.

“Consumers can have valuable knowledge of the practical, social, physical and emotional effects of the medical condition on themselves, their families, friends and on the broader community,” said Katya Gray, Institute Consumer Coordinator.

“Consumers involved in the program provide a link between the researcher and the community. They are partnered with a researcher in the area of their interest, or a project relating to their own medical condition,” Ms Gray said.

As a Consumer at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute you can:

  • work with a research scientist by contributing your life experiences
  • provide insight into how their research can make a difference in the community
  • become part of the Institute community with invitations to events and seminars.

“Involvement of Consumers can influence and enhance research at the Institute and provide a powerful voice for the communication of scientific and research issues to the community,” Ms Gray said.

Consumers do not need a science background, the time commitment is flexible and the Institute provides all training. People living with Parkinson's, as well as carers, are welcome to apply. Learn more here.

To learn more about joining the Consumer Buddy Program, contact Ms Gray, phone 03 9345 2981 or email,

Caption: Pam (left) is a consumer working with researchers Professor John Silke and Dr Najoua Lalaoui 


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