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Free online conference to empower people with Parkinson’s

Feb. 07, 2020

Access to quality information and experts in Parkinson’s from Australia and around the world is the reason behind our decision to partner with PD Warrior as Platinum Sponsor of INSIGHT 2020!

INSIGHT into Parkinson’s is the largest online global conference for people living with Parkinson’s. From just a handful of webinars three years ago, INSIGHT 2020 is expecting 60 speakers. The theme is Future Frontiers.

“We are proud to be come on board as platinum sponsor to help make the event free of charge for the first time,” said Parkinson’s Victoria CEO Emma Collin.

“Access to quality information and content is key to increasing understanding of Parkinson’s and build an individual’s capacity to manage condition and access effective treatments, so they can lead full and active lives,” Emma said.

“We also know many more people are seeking information online – but we want to help ensure what they view is robust. This is a perfect opportunity to support quality, online information, making it available and accessible to everyone, no matter where they live.”




The conference will follow Parkinson’s Victoria’s successful InSearch lecture series, this year being held in Melbourne, Horsham and Echuca in March, meaning those who can’t personally attend a lecture now have access a conference they can view in their own home.

INSIGHT is the brainchild of specialist neurological physiotherapist, Melissa McConaghy, owner and founder of PD Warrior, a rehab program designed for people with Parkinson’s.

Online software brings the conference to life, with online presentations, panel discussions and exhibition halls.

Those who missed seeing Prof. Bas Bloem speak at Parkinson’s Smart Health in Melbourne in November, will be pleased to hear he will be one of the INSIGHT 2020 speakers.

Among the international and national presenters are neurologists, researchers, physiotherapists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, movement disorder nurses, patient advocates and peak body representatives.

How does it work?

This virtual summit is delivered like a normal conference, except it’s completely online. There are three days of speaking events programmed across eight separate plenary streams.

Each plenary session is 90 minutes long, with three presentations of 30 minutes each per session.

There will also be two virtual Exhibition Halls. Here you can interact online with the exhibition booth holders, download their content, watch additional videos here and get up to speed with what each booth holder is offering.

What does free registration offer?

Parkinson’s Victoria’s sponsorship of INSIGHT 2020 will help enable everyone to stream at any time during the 3-day online conference free of charge. This means you have to watch the presentations as they are streamed (as detailed in the program) between 9am – 7.30pm, Wednesday 1 – Friday 3 April. Register now.

What is an upgraded package and what does it include?

If you want more, you can pay to stream-on-demand for an additional 30 days. This allows you to watch all presentations at a time that suits you. You can choose to upgrade prior to, or even during the event if you decide you need more time to watch.


A part of our Parkinson’s Victoria community, a 30% discount on the upgrade package is available too. Just enter our discount code - InsightPV20. Please select Parkinson’s Victoria as your charity of choice when you register.

How do I register?

Go to the INSIGHT 2020 website, and click on the register tab.

You will need to register yourself to access this event. While registration has been designed to be as straight-forward as possible, if you are having difficulty, you may want to ask for a friend or relative to help you navigate the process.

Learn more about the event and registering here.

Can our peer support group watch it together?

Yes! Group viewing is encouraged!  As the free event is live-streamed, it is recommended that one person purchase a ticket with premium access and then go through the program to select what is of most value to the group to watch. You can then select from presentations or live panels or a mix from the content.

Five reasons to join INSIGHT 2020!

  • First three days are FREE! If you want more, you can upgrade to stream-on-demand for another 30 day access.
  • You get world class speakers direct to your living room
  • All of the ticket profits go to registered charity partners (including Parkinson’s Victoria) to support Parkinson’s research and support services globally
  • INSIGHT is the largest online annual event in Parkinson’s
  • You can connect with more than 5000 researchers, academics, clinicians and other people living with Parkinson’s from around the world.




Parkinson’s Victoria helping to make INSIGHT accessible.

Any questions: Call us on 1800 644 189 or email us,


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