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Parkinson’s Research Participation Opportunities

Sep. 18, 2019

Two research opportunities for people with Parkinson’s are currently on offer in Melbourne.

Melbourne University researcher Dr Christine Nguyen is seeking participants for a new research project looking into the eye as a window into Parkinson’s.

The eye is the only place in the body where nerve cells and blood vessels can be directly visualised. Using a range of eye tests, researchers hope to discover differences in responses in people with Parkinson’s which will prove useful for helping to diagnose Parkinson’s.


The study will involve up to two test visits of up to 1.5 - 3 hours duration each. The first will involve a screening eye examination to determine eligibility for the study. You may then be asked to perform computerised tests of vision on a tablet device.

In the second visit, an eye scan and/or eye recording, commonly used in optometry and ophthalmology clinics, will be conducted.

Testing will take place at the University of Melbourne (Parkville campus). Participation is voluntary and you are welcome to withdraw from the study at any time.

Download the attached PDF for further details. To register your interest, contact Dr Christine Nguyen from the Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences on (03) 9035 3186 or

Monash University is seeking participants for clinical research that aims to understand if changes in blood and skin lipid (fat) profiles could be useful in predicting different stages of Parkinson’s and possibly help with diagnosis of the condition.

Changes that occur as the condition progresses may help us understand the biology and chemistry that may uncover how the progression of Parkinson’s occurs and may help discover new biomarkers for early diagnosis.


An introduction assessment will be made by appointment, with recruitment days running until December 2019. The study will involve an interview and discussion, filling out of a questionnaire and consent form and sample collection (blood and face skin oil).

See the attached PDF for more information. Project details available from Sanduru Krishnan (PhD Student) or Dr David Rudd (Research Fellow), email: or phone (03) 99050332


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