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Participation in Clinical Trial

Apr. 06, 2018

This research project is to establish whether objective measurements aids in improved clinical care and leads to improved control of Parkinson’s and wellbeing.

Who can participate?

To participate you will need to:

  • Have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s
  • Be aged 59-75 years
  • Be taking 4 or more doses of levodopa medication (Kinson, Madopar or Stalevo) each day
  • Be able to travel to a study clinic

You may not be able to participate if you have had: 

  • Deep Brain Stimulation, DuoDopa or Apomorphine
  • Low blood pressure or hallucinations
  • A problem with your thinking, memory or planning

What is involved? 

You will be required to attend a participating clinic on at least three occasions and as many as seven times.  Clinics will be Australia wide. 

You will undergo examinations and tests similar to when you visit your neurologist.  Before each visit, you will be asked to wear a PKG watch for a week.

Based on the various tests, doctors may change your medication to improve control of your Parkinson’s. 
You may wish to advise your neurologist of your intention to participate in the study. 


Watch this video to understand more about this clinical trial. 

How to register your interest

Online at:


Phone:  0439 207 518

Expressions of interest for this trial close Tuesday 31 July 2018. 

If you would like to register your interest in other clinical trials, contact Parkinson’s Victoria
on 1800 644 189. 


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