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Thank YOU for being part of our team!

Jul. 01, 2020

It truly is a team effort to support people with Parkinson’s. And you, through your generous response to our Winter Appeal, are part of this team, focused on ensuring people live well with this condition now and in the coming months.

The Coronavirus continues to have a devastating impact on our community. With greater Melbourne and the Shire of Mitchell in a second lockdown, many people living with Parkinson’s have shared how they are feeling. Many are fearful of catching this virus and others have stopped their daily routines of exercise and attending healthcare appointments. Instead many in our community are living with even greater stress and anxiety.

Your support has been vital in letting people like John and Col know that you by their side and on their team. Your generosity is helping us to expand the level of complete and wholistic care we are providing to people living with Parkinson’s.

Together you’ve helped raise over $88,000 which will go towards our:

Outreach program

We’re contacting people with Parkinson’s to reassure, support and encourage them to look after themselves. Our staff are working with them to create at-home exercise routines along with urging them to continue attending their medical and healthcare appointments along with going to their local shops for essential groceries. Routine is important to manage symptoms and to live well with Parkinson’s.

Telehealth, phone and online services

Although people living with Parkinson’s can’t meet us in person, your support is going to help us continue to expand our Telehealth, phone and online services.

Technology is providing people with access to our staff to talk through issues, to read information, to attend online webinars, forums and seminars, and so much more. And over the next few months, we will continue to provide more sessions and support using our Telehealth, website and social media channels.


The support we have received through our Winter Appeal means we can continue to reach out and support people with individualised plans of action, so they not only manage their condition and symptoms, but also their whole health and wellbeing.

It’s critically important people with Parkinson’s are connected to practical advice and guidance, especially at this challenging time. And your support is helping us provide this.

Thank you for making a life-changing difference to people living with Parkinson’s.

To further support people living with Parkinson's during these challenging times you can still make a donation to this appeal.


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