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Wilko’s Whiskers Fundraiser

Nov. 14, 2016

While thousands of blokes are struggling manfully to grow a mo' for Movember, hairy hero Geoff Wilkinson is heading in the other direction. Faced with the need to lose his well trained and lustrous locks before deep brain stimulation surgery on November 30, Geoff has agreed to go the full monty and have his beard shaved off for a good cause.

Geoff Wilkinson has been living with Parkinson’s Disease for over nine years.

Part of dealing with this chronic, progressive and incurable condition involves taking constant medication to help control shaking and loss of mobility as much as possible. Unfortunately, the medication needs to be progressively increased and also produces various side effects.

To help improve his quality of life and reduce his dependence on medication, Geoff has opted to take the brave step of deep brain stimulation surgery. This is an invasive procedure with the potential risks associated with any major surgery, but after speaking to others who’ve followed the same course and studying the form of his specialists, Geoff has decided the odds are in his favour.

To prepare for the surgery, which is scheduled for November 30, it is necessary for him to lose his carefully coiffured locks – a big move for someone rarely seen with a hair out of place. This leads us to his beard, such a permanent fixture that most have never seen him without it. In fact no one has seen him without it for the past 40 years. So we were thinking – let’s seize the moment and get it off for charity!

The idea is to get Geoff to have his beard shaved off to raise funds for Parkinson’s Victoria, to assist with research that improves the quality of life for people with Parkinson’s and advances the search for a cure. The costs associated with the operation itself are not part of this fundraising idea. All donations will go directly to Parkinson’s Victoria.

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