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Recently Diagnosed With Parkinson’s

Individual reactions to being diagnosed with Parkinson’s are as varied as the symptoms of the condition. Whatever the reaction, no one has to face Parkinson’s alone, we are in this together.

Parkinson’s Victoria recommends giving yourself and your loved ones permission to experience a range of emotions following diagnosis. Remember, it is likely you have already experienced a number of life challenges, prior to being diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Just as you coped with those new and difficult moments, you will find the resources to cope with your future life with Parkinson’s.

Parkinson’s is a complex condition. The symptoms can impact on day to day activities and the future. Being diagnosed with Parkinson’s is a life changing experience, but there are treatments to help manage the symptoms and support services available to help get the most out of life, maintain independence and to continue to enjoy all that life has to offer.

There is no ‘best’ way to deal with the changes and adjustments that come with living with a chronic health condition. The adjustment period is different for everyone. Try to remain positive, realistic and connected to your friends, family and community. 

Support for You

Knowing where to find answers to your questions can make a real difference. You will find plenty of useful information here on the Parkinson’s Victoria website. 

  • Download ‘The Journey Kit’ (PDFs) – a good starting point for people diagnosed in the last 5 years

The Parkinson’s Victoria Health Information Team can advise on a range of areas such as emotional issues for families dealing with the diagnosis, social and health care rights, welfare benefits, driving, insurance, and employment. We welcome calls from people with Parkinson’s, carers and family members.

  • Parkinson’s Victoria Information Line is free and confidential, and available Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm (except public holidays)
  • Call: (03) 8809 0400
  • Free call: 1800 644 189
  • Email:

Each year Parkinson’s Victoria runs Recently Diagnosed Seminars in a variety of locations. Check the calendar of events for details.