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Parkinson’s Victoria raises awareness and funds for services and research that improves the quality of life for 27,000 people living with Parkinson’s in Victoria. Every day through our multi-disciplinary health team we provide information, education, advice and peer support services to improve the quality of life of the Parkinson’s community.

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Dec. 09, 2014
Class action in the news
A long-running class action regarding a Parkinson’s medication has made news overnight. If you would like to read more about the development visit this link.   Please be aware that impulse control disorders are a documented side effect of dopamine agonists. For more information about impulse control disorders visit the… Read more…

Dec. 04, 2014
Managing Parkinson’s during the festive season
The holiday season is classically a time for catching up with friends, visiting family, shopping, decorating, gift wrapping, cooking, and celebrating. Though it is typically a fun and happy period, it can also be very demanding and sometimes stressful. This fact sheet looks at the aspects of Parkinson’s that can make things harder during the Festive Season, and some of the ways to manage them. Read more…

Nov. 28, 2014
ABC Radio National All in the Mind Interview
An interview by All in the Mind on ABC Radio National with Peter Raymond who has recently undergone deep brain stimulation to treat his Parkinson’s symptoms and University of Queensland’s Professor Peter Silburn. Read more…

Nov. 27, 2014
Join Moira and support the End of Year Appeal to help change someone’s life
For Moira Lewis, who has lived with Parkinson’s for eight years, Christmas will be a time of celebration. Read more…

Nov. 03, 2014
Parkinson’s Victoria presents Sir Zelman Cowen Award 2014
In 2006 Parkinson’s Victoria introduced the Sir Zelman Cowen Award for outstanding voluntary service to the Parkinson’s community. Read more…

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Being diagnosed with Parkinson's is a personal experience but no one has to face Parkinson's alone. Support and information can make a significant and positive difference to the lives of those living with Parkinson's, their families and carers.

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Sharing Experiences

Sharing Experiences

“Parkinson’s has taught me to not put things off, value the important things in my life and enjoy each day as it comes.”

Paula, on the journey since 2008

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